About the project

About the project

Overall objective

  • To encourage cooperation and networking between business entities, policy makers and training and education institutions to develop innovative learning system, increase skills and foster entrepreneurial learning in the field of tourism.

Specific objectives


Key Activities:

Collective needs for capacity building

  • Analyses on local curricula and entrepreneurial tourism profiles
  • Elaboration of Joint Road-map for educational materials
  • Elaboration of Transnational curriculum models

Entrepreneurial learning in the field of tourism

  • Elaboration of practice-oriented training materials
  • Elaboration of innovative online tools for education in the field of tourism and related industries - online educational platform with interactive modules, business simulation game
  • Creation of Virtual and Physical Entrepreneurial Rooms

Transnational dimension of VET learning

  • Organisation of transnational knowledge transfer trainings, educational camps, workshops and Start-up Competition aiming to strengthen and support youth employment across borders.


Project Outputs:

  • Transnational strategy for organization of trainings and curricula towards growth and employment of young people in the tourism
  • Joint road-map for the educational materials and features
  • Multilingual online training manual for entrepreneurial education
  • Elaborated curriculum models in entrepreneurial learning
  • Online educational platform with interactive modules
  • Virtual and physical Entrepreneurial Rooms as a tool for transnational entrepreneurial mentoring
  • Created virtual business companies
  • Multilingual educational business simulation game in the field of tourism and related industries
  • Organized innovative trainings and modern tools for education

Project Partners:

  • National Tourism Cluster, Bulgarian Guide – Sofia, Bulgaria (https://www.bg-guide.org/)
  • AULEDA - Local Economic Development Agency of Vlora Region – Vlora, Albania (http://auledaphp.auleda.org.al/)
  • Municipality of Kichevo – Kichevo, FyROM (https://kicevo.gov.mk/)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Special Account for Research Funds, Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering - Thessaloniki, Greece (http://www.auth.gr/ )

Project co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries.