Wrap up and join the Balkan Youth Startup Competition! 

Entirely online

From 13th to 23rd of July 2020

International teams and experienced mentors!

Are you ready to apply for the competition and gain a transnational experience?

Are you ready to build a team of young entrepreneurs?

Are you ready to present your idea in front of professionals from 4 countries?

During the Start-Up Fair and Competition, you will have the chance to work in an international team and share ideas, to develop business models and plans with peers from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia. Mentors with different expertise will supervise your work and help you create your virtual business company. 

What are the steps?


Register on as an entrepreneur.


Create your idea, invite your team members and develop together your business plan.


1. Get in contact with your team members and your mentor through the provided e-mails.
2. Every participant shall register in the Platform as "entrepreneur" - English version only!
3. One of your team members (you have to decide internally, working as a team) must create the Idea and provide the minimal required information.
Go to Ideas, click on Create an idea, fill in the fields (Category, Language - to be English, Title, Logo (if any, or else you can be back later on), Brief description). Then click on "create". Your Idea will be automatically saved in the field My Ideas (on the left)
4. The initiator of the Idea should contact the other team members and the mentor and invite them to contribute, resp. to supervise the idea
At the bottom of the page - Invite (by searching the members by e-mail or name)
5. Work together on the fields requested to be filled in - CANVAS model and Business plan. You can attach files, or even youtube videos.
6. Use the chat-option through Disqus to be in real-time contact with your team members and mentor
7. You can continue the collaboration either through the chat function at the end of the Idea page, or through GotoMeeting platform  - your personal meeting room(please inform us in advance about the date and time) or via other communication channels
8. You can also invite other mentors and ask them for advice (according their field of expertise), using the Disgus chat
9. You can take part in the special online sessions with the mentors as scheduled in the Agenda, available on the Facebook event page. Please, follow the page. If there are any updates, they will be announced there.


How to work with - here

Click on the paper-clip above and check again your assignment!